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private section for Master sharing
(01-29-2016, 07:27 PM)Paganec Wrote: How come? I don't see motivation behind it. 

As about 'trust'. The problem is, if the majority will allow the member you, for instance, don't trust, you wouldn't want to share your master in this section, I guess. 
I would allow there only tapers who shared at least a few masters anywhere (here, dime, other site).
It's all very complicated. I don't see what stops you from making a thread and share the links only with ones who you completely trust. If you feel the need.
If the minority doesn't trust anyone but with a good reason they shouldn't be allowed either, no matter what the majority says.
This will be a very limited group of people the way I see it, don't think there would be more than 20 members. Sucks for the people who can't get in I guess but they don't know what's being shared there anyway so they don't know what they're missing out on. :p Worst case scenario it'll flop again anyway.
We could make a rule that says you have to post a master in there once every 2 months (but if you post 3 in a month you're good for 6 months) to encourage sharing I guess.
Just to make a point: for instance, I can post 50 masters of local bands (or foreign bands that google knows nothing about), so I'm good forever. But no one would want that shit of course. So technically I played by rules but in reality I contributed nothing. Have no idea how to make this system work.
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That's true Paga but I don't see why anyone would do that in a trusted group.
If you'd say that anyone who uploads x masters gets access to private section, then shit like that would definitely happen though.
I see no point of this thing. Even this forum is closed (I mean it's no easy to register, if it haven't changed since I registered here), so I think there's no reason to make a closed group under a closed forum. Also not too many people active in the forum.
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Gannibal... Of course its not fair for non filmers. It's not fair for non filmers to lurk and take others people masters for free either.

Yes this is a closed community, there isn't that many active members. But there is a lot of members who just lurk for free shows and don't say anything or contribute. It was just a thought, if it's a 50/50 then no biggie, We can just continue sharing in the master thread we have open already. I was just thinking awhile back we had a private thread before.
you should form some initial core of 3-4 users which would be founding members for new section
initial core should coopt new members by voting (by unanimous decision or by simple majority) for every new candidate
this would grant some level of confidence among members of this new section and possibly this scheme (with initial members + voting for every new) is the only way how entire master sharing section could work
even more, we can have more than one such section on board with different members in each branch
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Well I wasnt to keen on the idea at the beginning but after reading some arguments it could actually work. 

I dont really see anyone sharing x amount of local bands/shows just to be "off the hook" for the rest of the year. I mean its between friends and trustworthy traders so that would be plain stupid imo. 

I'd give it a go atleast, would boost my motivation again atleast to share some stuff. One can only hope it does the same for the other people involved.
@Ingram: yeah that's the only way I see this work. Start with a very small group and slowly extend it.
I see no need to have more than one section though, that'll make it too complicated and we already are with a limited amount of people.
Can we try this idea? If it doesn't work we can revert it after 2 months or so.
Start private section with the core filmers. They can decide who else can join.
Either way it'd be only for filmers. Non-filmers will disagree but if a filmer wants his recording to be shared publicly he'll just post it in the public section instead.

Judging by past threads I'd say these members would form the core:
Jotunify, TripKore, Fallen2011, Reminho, sckofelng, jederlacht, Vortex, Paganec, SOBERONEZ (and myself Tongue)

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